Chad Tapscott


KW Cabo Paradise

Chad Tapscott started and solely ran a successful real estate investment company for nearly 10 years with emphasis on renovating distressed properties for profit. He was asked twice to host two different renovation television shows due to his unique and inspiring process. Chad has been involved a construction, renovation and design specialist for over 23 years. Chad has been a proud partner of The Cadez Team at Signature Real Estate Group serving southern California and now also serving the Los Cabo area and the Baja California Sur with The Cadex Team Cabo at Keller Williams (KW) Cabo Paradise. Chad has been recognized for his professionalism and knowledge of real estate by his many past clients and their successful transactions. Chad has routinely been awarded for his unique achievements, his many successful transactions and competitive methods. Zillow has ranked him in the top percentage of agents nationally. Chad has four degrees in Electrical Engineering, graduated top of his class, and is impassioned to succeed. Working on a management team at a national restaurant chain he has an accomplishment of holding a world record in sales. Chad has been a successful independent asset managing supervisor for two national grocery store chains. He literally wrote a book and standardized the grocery store asset industry. Chad was also recognized as the number one First class MECP certified and Master qualified Mobile Electronics Installation Professional and Top Sale Associate in the same year. Chad has a successful marriage and loving wife of 30 years and 2 children now adults, active and accomplished in school, sports and ministry. It is his pleasure to assist you in all your buyer and seller needs.